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Hello everybody!
I'm so happy, and I need to share this with you!
I'm goin' to São Paulo in January, and I'll see a lot of friends that I met in the internet!^u^~
SP has the biggest cons of Brazil! I'll be there and I'll take a lot of new pix!
Soon I'll take new pix of my Christmas Cosplay of Kula, cuz Xmas is coming!
Right now, I'm posting here new pix taken in the last Con that I went this year! Here you can see my Cosplay of Days of Memories 3 Version 2.0! 8D Yes, cuz this time its prettier and perfect, such exactly as it is in the game! Cuz when I made this cosplay, there was just one or two pix of the costume, and I couldnt see the other details cuz that iamges didnt' show the whole costume, so I made it a little bit different! But now that I saw the images of the game, I made it right!! I just made one thing different, because I wanted ! 8D And It was the hair style, thats kinda Misa Amane from Death Note! 8D BUt I guess it matches with this colthes so, I made it!
And here is the results:

Thanx to Miguel Soll and Chico Soll for thes pix! ^u^~
For more pix look for my Gallery here>>>


Oh, its been a long time that I don't come here, but some amazing things have happened in these days, and here I am, again. ^u^~
First I got the Second Place in a Cosplay Convention called AnimeFan. My cosplay of Another Kula Diamond from Yujin Gals was awarded, and I got one medal and some gifts!Here you can see it>

And here one CG made by myself with my awarded Cosplay>

And today, two friends of mine told me that I'm in the COSMODE #30! *-*
And I was like....What? *o* Me?
Well, it made me so happy! ^u^~
And here it is, my pic that was chosen in a lot of pictures of the best cosplayers in the world!

And here the Magazine Scan >


Well, today I've changed the top of my site as you can see here! 8D I'm adding new pix that I took with my cosplay of Kula Diamond from Yujin gals, thats the version of Kula thats not playable in the video game, but exists only in figure! *-* I made some adjustments in this cosplay and put my new white mixed blue wig thats perfect for this Kula version! Plus my dress is shorter than before! 8D Its more like Kula dress in the figure! Such a perfect dress! ^u^~ Here you can see some of a lot of pix that I took in these days. >

Oh, its been more than one month that I dont come here, but I have lots of news to share with you! ^u^~
There's NEW PIX now at Kula Diamond Gallery, go there and check it now, new pictures of Days of Memories cosplay and Xmas Cosplay with my new wig! Plus check my Kula Classic outfit with my new wig! Here a previa >


  New Pix of my New Wig for Kula Cosplay 



 New Videos were added!
 New Pix were added!
New Cosplay of Kula Diamond Days of Memories Kare to Watashi no Atsui Natsu
New Cosplay of Another Kula Diamond from
Yujin Gals
 Kula Diamond Normal Color E -Preview made by myself



 New CG made by Rê Eternal with all of my cosplays




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Hi! ^u^~
My name is Simone, I'm 24 years old and I'm studyin' Administration! I'm a happy girl!I love my friends and my boyfriend!
I LOVE Cosplayin', I have lots of fun being my fave character: KULA. I have four cosplays, and all of them are of Kula Diamond! Cuz she is my favourite character ever!
I'm not good talking about myself, but I'm a cool girl , believe me!
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