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*NEW*  Another Kula Diamond from Yujin Gals

 *NEW*  Kula Diamond Days of Memories Kare to Watashi no Atsui Natsu

   Kula Diamond Days of Memories Boku to Kanojo no Atsui Natsu

  Kula Diamond *Default( Original) Outfit*

  Kula Diamond X-Mas Outfit


  Kula Diamond Days of Memories
Boku to Kanojo to Koto no Koi

  Kula Diamond Another "g" Color from KOF MI2

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Hi! ^u^~
My name is Simone, I'm 24 years old and I'm studyin' Administration! I'm a happy girl!I love my friends and my boyfriend!
I LOVE Cosplayin', I have lots of fun being my fave character: KULA. I have four cosplays, and all of them are of Kula Diamond! Cuz she is my favourite character ever!
I'm not good talking about myself, but I'm a cool girl , believe me!
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